Engr Md Mozammel Hossain

MD, Reciprocating Division

Engr Md Mozammel Hossain has recently been appointed as the Managing Director of Summit Power Limited. Prior to his appointment, he was the Managing Director of Summit’s largest two subsidiaries and the Deputy Managing Director of SPL.

Under his leadership the 300 MW of Summit Gazipur II Power Limited was implemented in a record period of 9 months and received award for the fastest implemented project from the Asian Power. This project was recognised by the Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh for fastest implementation. In parallel led a team to implement another 149 MW Power Plant of Ace Alliance Power Limited within stipulated time. Mr. Hossain obtained Annual Performance Recognition Award of Asian Development Bank (2008) and Power Development Board Merit Award of the Year (1982).

Mr. Hossain began his professional career in the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) in 1976 and focused mostly in power generation and transmission projects. In 2001, he joined the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. (PGCB) as the Deputy General Manager and later promoted to Director, Technical. In 2011, after voluntary retirement from PGCB he joined Summit Group. He had obtained various trainings in foreign countries as well as in local institutes.