Summit Power Limited


Md. Arif Al Islam


An entrepreneur and corporate leader with track record of leading diversified investments and large organizations. He is the founder and MD & CEO of Summit Communications Ltd. Over a period of last seven years, he has successfully given birth to Summit Communications Ltd as the largest fiber optic operator of the country with over 33,000 Km network on which all the Telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, Cable tv Operators and Government is riding as their primary transmission infrastructure. The company is also the leading Internet Gateway Operator and International Terrestrial cable operator having a bandwidth usage of over 110 Gbps. Mr. Islam has started his career in public practice in UK and is an FCCA. He held the position of Senior Manager in KPMG. Later he led the largest cellphone company of the country, GrameenPhone, a subsidiary of Telenor, as Deputy CEO and CFO. Over a ten year career in GrameenPhone, he played an instrumental role in building GrameenPhone from a medium sized company to be the largest corporate house in Bangladesh. During his time in GrameenPhone, he also led the role of business planning and setting company strategies over a period of eight years consistently which has contributed immensely in the success of the company. He is known as a successful corporate leader in the business community having good relationship with the banking, financial sector and also with the regulators.