06 December 2020


‘JERA Asia Scholarship’ now invites applications

(Dhaka) 6th December 2020, Sunday: JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”) has established the ‘JERA Asia Scholarship’ and now receiving applications from Asian countries i.e. Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam from Master’s students at the International University of Japan (“IUJ”) till 25th March 2021. JERA and Summit are partners in the energy and power business in Bangladesh.

JERA Chairman Toshihiro Sano commented, “We already contribute to the economic development in Asian countries through our energy and infrastructure business, and hope that recipients of the newly established ‘JERA Asia Scholarship’ will go on to play key roles in the future economic development of these countries.”

The scholarship includes 100% admission fee, 100% tuition fee at International University of Japan (IUJ) for the two-year Masters programme and JPY 150,000 monthly stipend (equivalent to BDT 1 lac 22 Thousand Only). By providing financial assistance for international students studying in Japan, the ‘JERA Asia Scholarship' aims to support the development of talented people who will contribute to the future economic development of Asian countries.

Please click here to apply:

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