15 April 2024


Azeeza Khan joins the rank of Young Global Leader (YGL) 2024

Photo caption: Azeeza Aziz Khan ACCA, Director of Summit Group joins the prestigious class of the Young Global Leader 2024, among 11 selected participants from South Asia.

∎ The World Economic Forum unveils 2024's Young Global Leaders: a group of nearly 90 most promising changemakers who are shaping the future and accelerating positive change through their groundbreaking work.
∎ This year’s cohort, helping to improve the state of the world, is made up of a remarkable group of rising stars from politics, business, civil society, the arts and academia, who are united in their drive to leave a lasting impact on their communities, organisations and beyond.

(Switzerland, 15th April 2024, Monday): Azeeza Aziz Khan ACCA, Director, Summit Group of Companies – A Visionary Leader in Finance, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility, has been inducted into the prestigious Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum (WEF) for the class of 2024. 

On this occasion Azeeza Aziz Khan remarked, “Excited to begin this new chapter and join the 2024 Class of Young Global Leaders with the World Economic Forum (WEF). Always a firm believer in the power of collective advocacy and activism, I look forward to bringing about impactful changes alongside my fellow WEF Leaders. Together, with all your support and prayers, I look forward to advancing our shared vision for a world that offers sustainable, affordable, and clean energy to all sections of our communities.”

She is among the exceptional individuals selected globally into the YGL community of outstanding leaders. These responsible leaders will undertake a transformative 3-year journey, addressing global challenges and driving positive change.

Azeeza Aziz Khan's induction into the YGL Class of 2024 recognises her exceptional leadership and visionary approach to finance, sustainability, and social responsibility. It is also a testament to her relentless dedication, innovative strategies, and compassionate initiatives that have propelled Summit Group to new heights, along with her significant contributions to the well-being of marginalised communities and the Empowerment of Women within Bangladesh.

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