27 March 2022


Summit Group’s Chairman Muhammed Aziz Khan pledges USD 1 million to icddr,b Hospital Endowment Fund

This is the largest ever private donation pledge to icddr,b Hospital from a Bangladeshi.

Photo caption: Dr Tahmeed Ahmed, Executive Director, icddr,b explaining Muhammed Aziz Khan, Founder Chairman of Summit Group along with his wife Anjuman Aziz Khan and daughter Azeeza Aziz Khan ACCA about providing treatment to a historical record-high number of patients in icddr,b Hospital since its inception in the 1960s.

In a recent visit to icddr,b Hospital Muhammed Aziz Khan, Chairman of Summit Group accompanied by his wife Anjuman Aziz Khan and daughter Azeeza Aziz Khan ACCA, both Directors of Summit Group were overwhelmed by witnessing first-hand the high number of patients being attended with life-saving care. Dr Tahmeed Ahmed, Executive Director of icddr,b explained that currently icddr,b Hospitals are providing treatment to a historical record-high number of patients since its inception in the 1960s free-of-charge. Hence the importance of making the two icddr,b run hospitals sustainable considering the ongoing global financial turmoil, which may have a toll on icddr,b’s funding. 

In response, Muhammed Aziz Khan generously pledged to donate USD 0.5 million from Summit Corporation and personally, along with his wife a matching funds from the Anjuman & Aziz Charitable Trust, a total of USD 1 Million to icddr,b Hospital endowment fund, making it the largest private donation pledge ever to icddr,b from a Bangladeshi. 

Muhammed Aziz Khan remarked, It is a privilege and honour for me and my family to be able to support the humanitarian works that icddr,b does. We are humbled to support its research which saved hundreds of millions of children. Dr Tahmeed Ahmed, Dr Firdausi Qadri and all, make Bangladesh proud. We support and celebrate Bangladesh’s independence by supporting one of the finest institutions of the world.

Dr Ahmed appreciated and expressed his gratitude to Mr and Mrs Khan as well as Summit Corporation Limited (SCL) for their pledge. He said, “Mr Muhammed Aziz Khan and Mrs Anjuman Aziz Khan surprised us by pledging USD 1 million, which will considerably boost our strive to achieve our target. We are enormously grateful to Mr and Mrs Khan and the Summit Corporation for their kind generosity. We have set a target for ourselves to make our hospitals sustainable and grow the hospital endowment fund so that earnings from it are sufficient enough to continue our hospitals' operations. I hope more Bangladeshi business leaders would be so thoughtful.”

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